Saturday, August 18, 2012

Atkins Fat Fast on P2

Last round I read a lot about people doing and Atkins-style Fat Fast while on hcg P2.  I was curious about it so I gave it a try.  It worked really well for me, but I did it too close to the end of my round and was not able to maintain the loss during P3.  This time around I decided to do the Fat Fast half-way through my round so last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday was when I did it.  I follow the Atkins guidelines and eat 5 "meals" of 200 calories each throughout the day.  For me, it consists of macadamia nuts (2 "meals), bacon (1 "meal"), and Chocolate Fat Fast Parfait (2 "meals").  It is an easy three days for me, not having to worry about cooking P2 meals, and the change from P2 foods is nice.

Results:  I lost 4 lbs. in 3 days on the Fat Fast and have continued to lose after I completed it.

I LOVE the fat fast! :)

I think I will continue to do one 3-day Fat Fast each round as long as they keep working.  They really help my Week 2 numbers, which can usually be a rough week for people.

I am on VLCD 13 today and I have lost 10.6 lbs.  Only 4.4 lbs. left to my goal for the round of 15 lbs. lost.

6 more injections!  8 more VLCD days!  And then P3!!!

If you want more information about the Fat Fast, just google "Atkins Fat Fast" and you will find a lot of information, recipes, etc.


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